Bush Music Club Inc.

Slow Music Workshop Resources

This page has a set of music with sound clips for the Monday Slow Music Workshops.
1. Ollie Watt's Schottische
2. Kafoozalum
3. Black Cat Piddled in a White Cat's Eye
4. Tennessee Shuffle
5. Golden Blossoms
6. Springtime It Brings on the Shearing
7. Ernie Goodman's Waltz
8. The Billy of Tea
9. The Rybuck Shearer
10. Binda Polka
11. Paterson's Air
12. Going Courting
13. Lindsay Carr's Lead Up
14. The Wild Colonial Boy
15. Cunnamulla Stocking Jig
16. The Black Velvet Band
17. Bill Painters Waltz
18. South Australia
19. Lime Juice Tub
20. Oratoba Waltz
21. Flower of the Highlands
22. Put Your Little Foot
23. Gum Tree Canoe
24. Under the Willow
25. Four Sister's Barn Dance
26. Chinese Breakdown
27. Just as the Sun Goes Down
28. Errol Rodda's